Club Meeting & Lunch 11:30 Tuesdays
Grill on the Green at Canoa Ranch Golf Club
5800 S Camino del Sol
Green Valley, AZ  85622

Price of lunch: $14.00

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Rotary Club of Green Valley Auust 2018 Meeting Schedule

If you would like to know more about Rotary Club of Green Valley, join us at a meeting.
Rotary Speaker: Constable Thomas Schenek

Born at Davis Monthan AFB, enlisted in the Marines at age 18, Thomas
Schenek became a Tucson police officer in 1991, and over 24 years worked in
Patrol, in the DUI task force, and as a motorcycle officer. He explained that
Pima Co. has 8 elected Justices of the Peace and 8 elected Constables.  He said
that to get elected he had to walk a lot of parking lots, but he unseated a 12-year
incumbent who happened to be a friend.

The constable makes arrests from court orders, things like restraining orders,
evictions, and writs of execution (seizing assets). He is rarely in his office, which
is in Green Valley next to the Justice Court, working from about 1 PM to 9 PM.
While he and about half of the constables wear uniforms, largely because of
police backgrounds, half do not. He told us that his power of arrest is more
limited than that of police.
In connection with his work with canines, he said the dogs are cross-trained,
either apprehension plus drugs or apprehension plus explosives.
Rotary Speaker: Chris Johnson

Chris Johnson, who joined Rotary in 2003, has travelled to more than 80 countries
and made up Rotary meetings on every inhabited continent. He reminded us that
Saudi Arabia is the home of both Islam and ancient civilization, and it gave birth to
medicine, algebra, and science between the decline of Greece and Rome and the
Renaissance. He spoke at length of KAUST – King Abdullah University of Science
and Technology – which was built in just 3 years and is the 3rd best endowed
university in the world with a 1-billion-dollar operating budget. He said the nation is
still in transition from ancient to modern ways. 2/3 of Saudi workers are employed
by the state, but foreigners make up 80% of the private sector payroll. In 2015 more
than 70% of the government’s revenue came from oil. Their vision for the future
includes a great deal of tourism. 60% of the population is under 35 and have high
unemployment. Women are beginning to get better education and enjoy more
Rotarian Paul Loomans presents speaker, Constable , with a  
Certificate  of Appreciation. A donation for $25 is made in the name of
Rotary's speakers to the Success for Schools supply drive.
Chris Johsno spoke on Saudi Arabia.
Scholarships help local students get a head
start on their college education. Applications
for scholarships can be found on our
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Congratulations Rotary Club of Green Valley!

$2,000 Rotary District 5500 Matching Grant
The Wrightson Ridge Elementary READS Program for At-Risk Students
(Grades 1-2) !
    Rotary Sojourners will start returning
    in September and October. We want
    to wish our seasonal residents a safe
    journey. We are looking forward to
    seeing you back at our meetings soon.

It's almost time for Brats

October 27th, 2018
Past President Katie Carter gave us a heads-up that the
first fundraiser of our new Rotary year is coming up at
the end of October, our annual Brats Cookout. Katie
and Past DG Julie Reppenhagen will chair the event, we’
ll have a few Interact kids to help, and all of us will be
needed for ticket sales. There are a few issues yet to be
resolved regarding the sandwich shop that now occupies
the patio where we serve the brats.
Rotary Speaker: Gayle Creamer

Gayle Creamer has been a Green Valley resident for 26 years. She’is
a business owner, has served on the Board of Directors for Casa de
Esperanza, and has been President of the Continental School Parent
Involvement Network.

Gayle gave the club an update recently on last year’s jacket drive.
From an initial goal of 200 jackets, she collected 1100 and gave out
800 in Amado. She raised $1700 and used the money to shop for
missing sizes. Our own Jill, Katie, and Jack helped, and both Rotary
and the Fire Department helped to make contributions tax

This year her goal is 1500 jackets (new and gently used). She wants
to see every man, woman and child in our communities warm this
winter. The start date for collection is September 1, donation boxes
will be at the Fire Departments, and the distribution will be at the
Amado Food Bank. People will be able to pick out what fits and
what they like. She told a story about a little boy last year who really
wanted, and eventually found, a green jacket. Julie will have a sign-
up sheet for those who would like to help with the distribution.
Meanwhile we are getting the word out to Tubac, and Rio Rico, as
well as Amado, and to GVNews, KGVY, and Sopori School.
Past President Joyce Finkelstein presented Karl Leebrick, whose
100th birthday was celebrated by the Club in July, with birthday
greetings and congratulations from the US President.
  Basic Education and Literacy Month                                                     Program Chair -Bill McCreery
September 4
Mayor Tom Murphy
Sahuarita Update
Bob Auflick
Charlie Reppenhagen
Peanut Butter Tues.

Success for Students - School
Supply Drive
September 11
Jerry Weygint
Are You A Cyper Security Superhero
Katie Carter
Jerry Kriebel
Success for Students - School
Supply Drive
September 18
Meeting at Torres Blancas
Victor Gonzalez
Sahuarita's Growing Economy
Nick Clement
Ken Frahm
Board Meeting - Members Welcome
Success for Students - School
Supply Drive
September 25
Meeting at Torres Blancas
Club Assembly
  Marvin Hass
Charlie Reppenhagen
Success for Students - School
Supply Drive
Club President Jill Leach presents the Rotary District 5500 Matching Grant check for $2,000 to club
Treasurer, Becky Roberts.The READS program at the new Wrightson Ridge Elementary School in
Sahuarita and provides over 200 books at reading levels from 0 to 3rd grade, two books carts, materials to
cover the books, tote bags for transporting the books to and from the school, and awards for the students as
they show improvement in their reading skills.

The grant was written by Rotarian Pat Pease after becoming aware of the Red for Ed movement earlier this
year and exploring needs within the schools at the local level. She received input on a number of ways that
Rotary could provide services and heard about the READS program.Through testing, children are identified
for the progrm in the fall as "at risk" of reading failure and given the opportunity to participate in the READS
program. Older students at school participate in the program as mentors for the younger children, providing
a secondary benefit. Pease discovered that when the new Wrightson Ridge Elementary opens in January,
transfered children who have been in READS would loose the continued benefits of the program as there
was no funding for  READS at their new school.

This matching grant funds books and equipment to establish the program at Wrightson Ridge for the
remainder of the 2018-19 school year. Once established, it will be sustainable by the school, making it ideal
for a Rotary District 5500 matching grant, and the club agreed to designate $2,000 for the project.

Rotarians will be actively involved this fall in the preparation of new books and supplies so that READS is in
place when the children get settled in their new school after the winter break.This is particularly important
because preliminary demographics at Wrightson Ridge indicate this will be a Title I school.

Reading skills are paramount for success in all subjects. The earlier these skills can be established, the better
chance these young students will have throughout their education and life.

Education remains a priority for Rotary Clubs everywhere, and the Rotary Club of Green Valley is honored
to receive this generous grant so that we may be involved in the effort to strengthen educational service in
our community.