Club Meeting & Lunch 11:30 Tuesdays
Grill on the Green at Canoa Ranch Golf Club
5800 S Camino del Sol
Green Valley, AZ  85622

Price of lunch: $15.00

Rotary Club of Green Valley March 2019 Meeting Schedule

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Out Of This World! - Discovering Comets

David Levy shared with us his love of Shakespeare, which he got from his father, as
well as his love of astronomy. He is the Levy who shared the discovery of the
Shoemaker-Levy 9 comet that hit Jupiter in 1994, leaving 3 marks nearly the size of
planet Earth. His proposal to his wife, Wendee, was witnessed by Clyde Tombaugh, the
discoverer of (former) planet Pluto. Levy clearly believes Pluto should still be a planet.

His presentation included serious astrophysics, such as life on Earth is likely due to
comet impacts, as is the formation of the moon and the extinction of the dinosaurs, but
it also conveyed his love of poetry and music. His PhD from Hebrew University
connected Shakespeare and the night sky. He had many photos of the night sky, and he
described his many years-old pursuit of eclipses. Even though he’s taken no astronomy
courses, he’s authored over 3 dozen books, written for 3 astronomy magazines,
discovered 23 comets and hundreds of asteroids, won an Emmy for the documentary
Three Minutes to Impact, and continues to lecture worldwide.
Each dot on the picture shows the impact points
of the comet on Jupiter.
David Levy (left) receives a Certificate of Appreciation from Rotarian Jerry Kriebel
for speaking to the club. A $25 donation will be given to Rotary's Success for
Students program in Mr. Levy's name.
Scholarships help local students get a head
start on their college education. Applications
for scholarships can be found on our
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  Literacy Month                                                     Program Chair - Pat Pease
March 5
Tony Vartola
What We Don't Know About The Border
Jerry Kriebel
Doug Shumway
Peanut Butter Tuesday
Success for Students - School Supply
March 12
Michael Pease
Indirect Proof
Bill McGibbon
Paul Loomins
March 19
Mayor Tom Murphy
Update On The Area Since The November Election
Bill McCreery
Ken Frahm
Board Meeting - Members Welcome
Success for Students - School Supply
March 26
Off Sight
Pima Mine Tour
Pictures from Bacchanal 2018
Food Fight
The fight is on, and Past-President Julie Reppenhagen passed
out a list of what the Food Bank needs most, not least of which
is PEANUT BUTTER. The list was emailed to all members.
Remember that potatoes and canned goods have weight, and
dollars count as well. There’s a 9 to 1 conversion factor, and
scoring the competition is measured as contribution in dollars
per capita.
Success for Students

Last month, Rotary Club of Green Valley purchased $500
worth of school supplies for our Success for Students program.
We added that to a pile the same size donated by club
members and Crosspoint Lutheran Church in Sahuarita. With
assistance from drivers and a truck provided by Sahuarita
Unified School District, all of the school supplies were sorted
and delivered to the schools. We will be able to do much the
same this Fall.

We would like to thank Scott Downs, Assistant Superintendent
at SUSD for his generous time and patience with helping with
the logistics of this project. We also thank Lawrence Montoya
and Robert Diaz, at SUSD, for their assistance on Monday with
gathering, loading, sorting and delivering to the schools. In
addition, we would also like to thank the club members who
participated by bringing in cash and supplies over the past few
months. And finally, our heartfelt appreciation goes to the
members of Crosspoint Lutheran Church for the generous,
sizable contribution of supplies they donated to the club for
this program. This has been an example of Rotary Club of
Green Valley and the community working together.