Club Meeting & Lunch 11:30 Tuesdays
Grill on the Green at Canoa Ranch Golf Club
5800 S Camino del Sol
Green Valley, AZ  85622

Price of lunch: $15.00

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Rotary Club of Green Valley February 2019 Meeting Schedule
Haggis, Scotland, and Robert Burns
President Jill Leach, given her Scottish heritage, introduced the Club to Burns night, which celebrates the birthday of Scotland’s National Poet,
Robert Burns, on January 25, 1759. (He died in 1796). After a brief introduction about Burns, our 2 guest speakers led a procession around
the room reciting a poem in praise of haggis, alternating between Scots dialect and an English translation. Haggis, it turns out, is a chopped mix
of internal organs of sheep – heart, liver, lungs – with onions, oatmeal, suet, spices, and salt, and the mix is encased in the sheep’s stomach and
boiled. While some pictures online make it look like a nice bit of ground beef served with mashed potatoes, the canned sample Jill brought
looked and smelled very much like dog food. Hats off to the Rotarians who had the nerve to actually try a bite. Because of the lungs, it has
been illegal to import haggis from the UK since 1971.

Our guest speakers, Annie Koepf and Deb Altstoke, both Thespians, were quite good at reading Burns’ Ode to a Mouse, again alternating
between Scots and English. To a Mouse gives us the well-known line, “the best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men gang aft agley.” From Burns’
Red Red Rose we also get, “…and I will luve thee still, my dear, till a’ the seas gang dry.” Of course, from Burns we get our very very
traditional New Years Eve song, Auld Lang Syne, as well as the very well-known tune from childhood, Comin’ through the Rye.

Some might say Scottish literature ended with Burns, writings after him being more in English. But he was also considered a pre-Romantic for
his sensitivity to nature, his high valuation of feeling and emotion, his spontaneity, his individualism, and. his fierce stance for freedom and
against authority. His humble origin as son of a tenant farmer made him a spokesman for every Scot (due credit for this to poetryfoundation.
org). Whatever one might say about him, he is at the roots of Scottish culture, which continues with Jill’s offspring, among many others.
Guest speakers, Annie Koepf and Deb Altstoke alternating
between Scots and English as they read a series of works of
Robert Burns.
Scholarships help local students get a head
start on their college education. Applications
for scholarships can be found on our
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  Peace and Conflict Prevention/Resolution Month                                                     Program Chair - Jerry Kriebel
February 5
Cathy Hufault
Death Clouds Over Mt. Baldy
Bob Auflack
Michael Pease
Peanut Butter Tuesday
Success for Students - School Supply
February 12
Sheron Jones
Gold Star Mothers
Katie Carter
Paul Loomins
February 19
Lt. George Grove
Arizona Rangers
Bill Miller
Eugene Friesen
Board Meeting - Members Welcome
Success for Students - School Supply
February 26
David Levy
Discovering Comets
Justin Dodds
Frank Coggins
Success for Students - School Supply
First and second grade students wait to be matched with their fifth grade
mentors. Each mentor will work one-on-one with their assigned student
on their reading skills until the beginning of May when DIBELS testing
is done.
We are Rotarians

Having Fun...

Doing Good...

RotaryMatching Grant
for Literacy
Let's Read!

Our READS grant has started. This week 5th grade mentors were
trained. The younger students met their mentors on Wednesday at an ice
cream party. They were given tote bags, and their mentors helped them
select their first two books. Next week, the first session starts, and these
little guys are on their way to becoming stronger readers. This is one of
the ways that Rotary Club of Green Valley is supporting literacy in our
community. With the donation of items needed for the program, READS
will be sustainable in future years for vulnerable readers. The school
would not have been able to offer the program this year without the
matching grant from Rotary District 5500 and the work of Rotary Club
of Green Valley.
Fifth grade mentors help the younger first and second grade students
select their first two books for their reading journey.
Reading Specialist, Krystal Lewis, passes out totes. Each child in the program
was given their own tote bag in the school colors, donated through the grant,
for transporting their books to and from the program.
Rotary Club of Green Valley Grant Lead, Pat Pease, looks over the
books as Reading Specialist, Krystal Lewis, explains the check out
process. The grant purchased 500 books,book carts, beins for the
leveled books, totes, reward and more. They provided ice cream for
the students on this opening day. In May there will be a ceremony
and party with each of the younger children presented books of
their own to take home. Mentors will be rewarded with gift cards
for their work with the students.
Ice cream on the lawn before the students choose their first books for
the program. We are so fortunate to be able to enjoy this lovely
weather when so much of the nation is suffering from record low
Coming in March:
2019 Spring Bacchanal