(Photo by Kiki Nelson, Kiki Nelson Photography)
Club Meeting & Lunch 11:30 Tuesdays
Grill on the Green at Canoa Ranch Golf Club
5800 S Camino del Sol
Green Valley, AZ  85622

Price of lunch: $14.00

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Rotary Club of Green Valley October 2018 Meeting Schedule

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Guest Speaker Highlight:  Are You A Cyber Superhero?

Jerry Weygint, Director of Information Technology at La Posada, worked for 19 years as IT manager at
Tucson Medical Center, 5 years at Sunquest as Manager of Global Interoperability, and is currently
working on an MBA online. He warned us that our age group is especially vulnerable because we are
more trusting, have more resources, fewer computer skills, and are easily frightened. His 4 points were:

1) protect your privacy. He pointed out the Equifax breach affected over 146 million people but had no
adverse consequences for Equifax.

2) look out for villains on the World Wide Web. This includes googling safely (https:// means secure
connection) and using pop-up blockers, keeping the operating system up to date, and using anti-virus
software like Webroot,

3) beware of telephone scams. The IRS will not call you. Your grandkids are not penniless in a foreign

4) don’t click on links in email you have the slightest doubt about, and when it comes to passwords,
length trumps complexity. Above all, use back-ups.
Scholarships help local students get a head
start on their college education. Applications
for scholarships can be found on our
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October 2
Thao Tiedt
History of Green Valley
Bill McCreery
Jerry Kriebel
Peanut Butter Tues.
Success for Students - School
Supply Drive
October 9
Dr. John Klein
Tucson to Top of Everest
Bill Miller
Eugene Friesen
Success for Students - School
Supply Drive
October 16
Lisa Isreal
La Posada Update
Bob Shevlin
Julie Reppenhagen
Board Meeting - Members Welcome
Success for Students - School
Supply Drive
October 23
    Nick Clement
Bill McCreery
Success for Students - School
Supply Drive
October 30
    Joyce Finkelstein
Michael Pease
Success for Students - School
Supply Drive
Tickets available from any member of Rotary Club of Green
Valley. They are also available at the Green Valley Chamber
of Commerce or at the event.
Autumn Migration

Winter residents will be returning to our
community this month. We want to take this
opportunity to welcome back members and
sojourners who have been away for the
summer, and invite all of our members to bring
a friend to a Rotary Club meeting.