Rotary Club of Green Valley Update March 10, 2023…
Rotary Club of Green Valley Foundation presents $1,000.00 checks to two local food banks
RCGV Foundation President Jerry Kriebel presents a check to Community Food Bank of Green Valley Client Services Supervisor Lilia Dawson, as Rotary Club members Eveline Eaton, (R) and Merril Ehrmentrout (2nd from left) and guest Josh Migdal (far left) watch.
Club Foundation President Kriebel presents a check to Kellie Tonks, Sahuarita Food Bank Office Administrator, with (left to right) Food Bank Program Coordinator Sofia Castro, Past President Bob Shevln, Tonks, President Elect Nominee Merril Ehrmentrout, Kriebel and guest Josh Migdal. (photos by Phil Noble)
Club Survey Results:
We as a club raise funds for many important needs. I feel that our members as a whole are generous, with several being very generous. So, community support is good.
I like to think that we’ve made our club visible in the community and that most residents, especially Green Valley, are aware of what we do.
I think our joining with our other clubs for projects south of Tucson is good, and maybe we can improve that.
Recruiting new members, but even more, involving them early and then retaining them needs improvement.
Finding younger members is a known shortcoming, and maybe our meeting hours contribute for those working. On the opposite side, I believe we’d lose current members if we went to morning or early evening.
Getting volunteers for critical roles, e.g., treasurer and secretary, has proven difficult. 
I’d also like to see our club/BOD develop an annual schedule of events, fund raisers and special events. 
We have great camaraderie. I do think that it’s usually the same people who work the most. I’d like the meetings to be kept to one hour.
1 How I don't know but we have great speakers and provides lots of info to the club on a variety of topics, all appreciated 
2 Review our fund raising options rather than expect club members to just purchase the tickets to our events.
We have great speakers! What about hosting a meeting with all the local service clubs i.e. Lions, Kiwanians, other Rotaries, etc., and choosing an all-club community project?
I enjoy the fellowship and all of the programs. They have helped me learn about the community. There seems to have been and nice influx of new members and I like the fact that meetings are relatively short. I can’t think of any major suggestions for improvement but I have enjoyed the field trips we have done in the past.
Maybe we could think about having a table at community events to promote the club, we talked about this.
And, seems like it would be good to be involved in more hands on projects in the community since we are getting a few more members who are not in their eighties, like me.
And another thing the Club does well, has events that people enjoy and look forward to attending. 
# 1 Our programs and #2 need our sign back up @ the Grill.
We need a project we can greatly publicize that is performed by the entire club, not just the "usual subjects."  whether it be "clean a  highway", or paint a house for an elderly household, or rescue a forgotten cemetery, etc.  When we work together, we shine.  We have to treat any project as a team effort - everyone must perform.
The Board must brainstorm to somehow figure out how to motivate those who need it.  
Do well…
1- I think our club and foundation are well managed.
2- I think we work well w Dist 5500 and RI
3- I think we are generous and aware of options
4- I think we have very good meetings
5- I think we have good participation 
6- we welcome and include sojourners
7- maintain and grow membership 
Do better to improve…
Encourage everyone to speak and share
Seek additional new sponsors
Maybe one of the duties of a new membership chair,  would be to oversee and engage new members.   Get them involved,  and active.
New members need mentors,  who take an ACTIVE role in getting new members engaged and active.
New management (coming online)  should take on leadership of some projects/programs. 
Coordinate more with our Foundation  (regular meetings just between top two leaders of each- Club and Foundation).  Part of these discussions could be to identify new leaders and how to develop new leaders for each organization
Field trips?   More socials?  
(avoid the trap of “We tried that before”)
1)  Do well:  a) socialization, b) programs are always pretty good — several recently have been very good, c) our fundraisers are generally working well (I don’t know how many of us actually sell tickets — several of us enjoy paying for them and giving them away.  I expect that a few don’t like to sell and don’t feel they can pay for them to give them away — probably best if we let that slip by (and I sense we probably do).  Might consider telling those Rotarians we would accept 50% payment if they don’t feel they can pay the full amount to give away tickets.  d) I think we have been doing a good job cooperating with other Rotary Clubs and have even made a little progress working with non-Rotary service clubs.
2)  Do better:  1) recruit more members.  2) see my last idea under fundraisers above — consider subsidizing (as needed) members who would like to give tickets to friends but don’t want to pay full price for full quota of tickets.
1. Most of it works. I like the camaraderie of the group. Although impossible to get good speakers every week, sometimes they hit a home run with a wonderful surprise guest. For the most part, I enjoy it.
2.  Fundraising event marketing seems a bit weak. I can't believe local radio spots generate any interest. GV News is good; perhaps an ad in the CPAC program outlining the Rotary Events for the year?  I also believe we should have one main annual event and seek various levels of sponsorship support. The meeting room situation at Canoa Ranch could be improved as to sound and food.
Special fundraisers would get more traction if the charity being supported is one the donor has a special interest in supporting. Saying it's going to corporate just doesn't do it. We should identify fundraiser recipients in advance and get more sponsors.