Posted by Phil Noble on Oct 23, 2019
"Show me your friends and I'll show you your future," Assistant Pima County Trevor Edwards tells youth who have made mistakes which led to the criminal justice system. Edwards spoke to the October 22, 2019 meeting of the Rotary Club of Green Valley, and outlined the Community Justice Board concept which helps rescue youth who get in trouble with the law.
The Pima County Attorney's Office operates 17 Community Justice Boards scattered throughout the county. Each board is staffed by volunteers, about 100 of them, Edwards said, who meet monthly or bi-monthly with juveniles who have been cited by law enforcement for committing first of second time non-violent offenses like use of illegal drugs or theft.
Trevor said the program has a very high success rate with a low recidivism rate, and he credited the 100 or so volunteers who work with the youth to "put them back on the right path."
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